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The International Joint Research Unit UMMISCO has a continuous presence in Vietnam since 2006, successively through a partnership with the “Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Informatique” (IFI, MSI young associated research team), the University of Can Tho (DREAM young associated research team) and now the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (ICTLab, The UMMISCO center in Vietnam is led by Professor Ho Tuong Vinh (IFI, Vietnam National University) and comprises 12 members, among them one IRD senior scientist.

Research Goal

UMMISCO’s activities in Vietnam cover researches, development, training and capacity building in the domain of computer modeling and simulation of complex socio-environmental systems, with three main purposes :

Current activities and results

The most prominent outcome of UMMISCO research activities in Vietnam is the design and development of the open-source GAMA platform (, now used by more than 2000 users worldwide. GAMA is a modeling and simulation software that allows users to build and explore models combining GIS data, mathematical or computer representations of heterogeneous actors and stressors at multiple scales, and supports advanced 3D visualization, intelligent calibration and stakeholder participation during simulations. GAMA, which is continuously updated by a French-Vietnamese consortium led by the IRD, is used as a support for all the projects and lectures of UMMISCO and its partners in Vietnam.

A number of complex models are currently being under investigated by UMMISCO and its partners : for assessing and optimizing evacuation planning in case of Tsunami in Nha Trang and Da Nang cities (under the supervision of Jean-Daniel Zucker, IRD, with Da Nang University, IFI, University of Paris 13) ; for demonstrating the complex interplay between the dynamics of urban growth and the rise of dengue fever outbreaks in Can Tho city in the last 10 years (with Can Tho University, University of Paris 4) ; for explaining the role of individual decision-making and climatic changes in land-use planning processes in Dong Thap province (with Can Tho University, University of Toulouse 1, University of Rouen) ; for showing the role of colonial authorities in the management of the Red River flooding episodes in Hanoi, from 1910 to 1940 (with USTH, EFEO, University of Rouen, University of Toulouse 1) ; for exploring the spatial and temporal dynamics of dengue fever and designing epidemiological indicators of the epidemics at three geographical scales : insular and continental SE Asia (with MIVEGEC), along the economic corridors between ASEAN countries (with MIVEGEC), in Ha Tinh province (with USTH, VNSC, NIHE).

In terms of training, UMMISCO researchers are present in three Master degrees in Vietnam (USTH ICT Master, where it is responsible of a specialty untitled “Environmental Decision-Support Systems”, IFI, with two Master modules, and Can Tho University, one Master module). They also organize training sessions throughout South-East Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar) to promote model-based approaches to development issues. Since 2006, a total of 20 PhD students have been supervised by UMMISCO researchers in Vietnam, with grants from AUF, PDI MSC ( or IRD. Each year, an average of 8 Master 2 students are also trained and supervised in UMMISCO premises.

In terms of capacity building, after having (in 2007) supported the creation of the JEAI MSI team at IFI, then (in 2010) the creation of the JEAI DREAM team at Can Tho University, UMMISCO has taken a leading role in the creation of the USTH ICTLab (with University of La Rochelle and IOIT) and has established a long-term partnership with the University of Da Nang in order to implement a new research team. Each year since 2010, UMMISCO also proposes and organizes a complete workshop in the JTD summer school (

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UMMISCO est une Unité Mixte Internationnale de Modélisation Mathématique et Informatiques des Systèmes Complèxes. Cette unité évaluée par l’AERES est composé de 63 chercheurs ou enseignants-chercheurs permanents qui mènent des recherches en informatique et en mathématique appliquée à des problématiques réelles touchant l’épidémiologie, l’écologie, et la société.

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